Winning Over The Customer of an Insurance Giant – With Email Support

A lot can be done with just an email! Epicenter proved that excellence in customer service can be achieved through a non-voice email medium of customer interaction. Working for an Insurance Giant, Epicenter dismissed notions that undervalued Emails and went on to create a support channel that improved service levels for our client.

The Beginning

Epicenter partnered with the leading life insurance company to extend its unparalleled email support in October 2013.

Working to excelChallenges of delivery


Bringing the existing quality score from 70% to 95% and maintaining it month-on-month.


Closing at least 97% of the received cases within the pre-specified Turnaround Time (TAT).

Keeping responses within required TAT

Nature of the email and stake holder involvement, decides the TAT for emails. A case needs to be closed within the given TAT:
Requests: TAT of 4 days from the date of receipt
Queries: TAT of 2 days from the date of receipt

Solution based WorkingDelivered always

Email Volumes

Epicenter geared up to take on as much as 90% of the client’s incoming email volume:
Peak Season: 55000 to 60,000 emails per month
Off Season: 30,000 to 35,000 emails per month

Manpower Management

We noticed that the email volume fluctuated immensely between the peak and off seasons. The requirement for skilled agents fluctuated as well. Epicenter offered scalable manpower to optimize cost effectiveness and suit the manpower requirement in every season.
Peak Season: Approx. 60 trained personal
Off Season: Approx. 32 trained personal

Delivered it allstep-by-step

Quality Compliance

Right from the day of inception till date, Epicenter has achieved and maintained the required quality target of 95%.

TAT & Ahead
  • Since inception, Epicenter has achieved TAT compliance of 97%
  • In fiscal year 2016-2017, Epicenter exceeded TAT compliance at 98%
  • From 01 Apr’17, we are striving to close all cases with a TAT of just 2 hours
  • We have secured a 57% compliance on the new TAT
Mis-Sale Discretion Refund Team (DRT)

We also set up a dedicated DRT to manage grievances in a timely and efficient manner. Impressed with the proficient grievance management, the team was shortly up-scaled by the client.

Recognized & Awarded

Epicenter succeeded in achieving impressive results in a short span of time. Applauding our efforts, the client felicitated Team Epicenter twice in the three years that we have worked together.


LEADERSHIP AWARD – EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE – November 2014 and 2015, October 2016 to March 2017

We have set a new benchmark and changed the face of non-voice based customer interactions. Epicenter’s experience, trained personnel and technology were able to with the client and end customer’s trust with lesser dependence on the mode of communication.

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