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We care for our clients’ business as our own. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives — so they know we’re in this together.

Technology Infrastructure

Technology Vision

Anything: Expertise to provide all kinds of Technology products and services with desired customizations

Anytime: Robust architecture to provide 100% uptime with 24×7 support for all the time zones

Anywhere: Global reachability to any location.

Design Methodology

Technologies deployed by Epicenter are completely based following methodology:

  • Availability– Uptime commitment
  • Connectivity– Redundancy and Diversity in all elements
  • Scalability– Vertically and Horizontally Scalable
  • Manageability– Easily Manageable
  • Security– PCI and ISO 27K compliant

Technology Architecture

Epicenter has partnered with the world’s premier quality product suppliers and below are the highlights:

  • Data Center– Tier – 2 data Center with HVAC and FM – 200 for fire suppression
  • Telecom– Avaya ACD, Aspect UIP 6.6, CMS, CosmoCom UC, NICE Loggers, VERINT Loggers (Voice & Screen Recording)
  • Network– CISCO
  • System– DELL
  • Virtualization– VMWare
  • Leased Circuit– MPLS, IPLC and Internet bandwidth with diversified paths
  • Security– Juniper Firewalls and Ironport Antispam
  • NMS– Adventnet (OPManager), CISCO, AVAYA
  • Security Analyzer– Firewall Analyzer, Eventlog Analyzer
  • Cabling– Tyco
  • Technology Support (Help Desk) – 24X7 NOC


Epicenter has deployed technology platforms considering industry Quality and Security standards. Complete environment is secured, controlled and built as per ISO 9K, 27K and PCI standards.

Business Continuity Plan

Epicenter understands the importance of uptime and hence deployed Business Continuity Plan which identifies potential impacts that threaten an organization and provides a framework for building resilience and the capability for an effective response which safeguards the interests of its key stake holders, reputation, brand and value creating activities.

Transformations / Success Stories

  • Migration from Legacy TDM architecture to VOIP MPLS platform
  • Back-up RF connectivity for Voice and Data
  • Successful deployment of Unified Communications Platform for Real time and Non Real time Applications
  • Virtualization of Servers
  • Cloud based Hosted Services
  • Transformation from TDN logger to IP Logger
  • NMS and Dashboard Customizations for proactive real time monitoring
  • CRM integrations

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is Epicenter’s philosophy of organizational leadership that focuses on the application of an assortment of values, systems, and tools toward the viable improvement of key performance metrics.

Lean, Six Sigma, and COPC are the cornerstones of this philosophy, which has a bent of driving requisite efficiencies and effectiveness to bring tangible benefits to our customers. One of our key differentiators, Operational excellence translates to augmented production flexibility, improved client sensitivity, and cost minimization. Epicenter aims to analyze all aspects of your business operations, to streamline tasks and enhance performance. We bring proven diagnostics, methodologies, and tools to improve your business processes, organizational capabilities and performance management skills.

Business and Operational Excellence is an integrated management system that drives business productivity by applying proven practices and procedures in three foundation blocks.

Cost-effectiveness – Involves process re-engineering, project process methodology, project management, quality tool and techniques, business planning, project implementation and value improving practices.

Asset Productivity – Includes conducting business level analysis, assessment, getting consensus, implementation planning, maintenance and reliability systems, capacity utilization, resources optimization and quality assessment and review.

Operations Risk and Change Management – Includes process management adherence to regulatory and compliance-related activities, and sensitizing change within the operations.

People - Our Real Strength

Epicenter firmly believes that People are its core and most important assets. Organizations have many resources, both physical and financial as well as resources that are directly related to organizational behaviours, such as knowledge, ability, decision making and intelligence of the employees.

Because of the value of the people within and behind the organization, it is very important that the organization takes special care to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of their employees with their jobs, regardless of how major or minor the job may be. The people behind the scenes, operating and running the organization, are by far, the most valuable resource the company has to utilize.

Employees are representations of an organization. Employees who work directly with the customer must be courteous, respectful, friendly, knowledgeable and informed. Customers want to know that they are valued and that the individual helping them is experienced when it comes to the product or service the customer is seeking.

People are an invaluable resource, as people are also a representation of Epicenter to the public. The people in an organization are the “brains behind the machine.” These people can come up with new ideas, develop new products, devise new ways to handle different situations and problem-solving based on their own experiences, knowledge and opinions. These people are the ones who are responsible for helping the organization progress and come up with newer more innovative ideas.

Safety & Security

The Management is committed to providing world-class service in Business Process Outsourcing to our client and end customers alike with the aim of meeting all their requirements in terms of Quality, Information Security and other deliverables.

We do this by setting up clear Policy direction & Objectives with respect to Quality & Information security. We demonstrate support for, and commitment to Quality & Information security through the issue and maintenance of Quality & Information Security Policies.

Epicenter is certified for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System, PAS 99:2012 Integrated Management Systems and is compliant to PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Being certified and compliant to information security standards, our key goal is to protect information assets against the risk of loss, operational discontinuity, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, inaccessibility and damage.

Information security governance model adopted by Epicenter covers all information processes, physical and electronic, regardless whether they involve people and technology or relationships with trading partners, customers and third parties. It addresses information protection, confidentiality, availability and integrity throughout the life cycle of the information and its use within the organization. It also protects against the ever-increasing potential for civil or legal liability to be faced as a result of information inaccuracy and loss, or the absence of due care in its protection.

Effectiveness & Efficiency

To make significant performance improvements in your contact center, you must address the individual agent processes that occur hundreds or thousands of times each day. What contact center agent software is used most? Which processes do your agents perform most often? Where can you find waste in those processes, in terms of lost time, unrealized revenue potential, or high frequency of errors?

Improve those processes first to deliver the largest gains in contact center agent productivity.

You may have already identified tasks or processes for improvement, and those are a great place to begin. But there may be other significant process inefficiencies that are costing your call center in terms of productivity and revenue

Improving call center agent processes can have many far-reaching effects. A better user environment will improve staff satisfaction, reduce training needs and reduce or eliminate errors.

This, in turn, can result in lowered operations costs and minimize attrition in call centre staff. The improved efficiency directly benefits customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and improved revenue.

Re-examine the key performance metrics

Re-examine the key performance metrics that are used to judge the performance of the contact center – average handling time might seem like the most important metric but it tells you nothing about the outcome of calls and other interactions. Smarter companies are measuring outcomes such as customer satisfaction levels, new business sales, net promoter scores, and lifetime value of customers. This enables them to strike a balance between efficiency (the cost per interaction) and effectiveness (business outcome).

Target for achievement

There’s a truism that you get what you reward… so reward what you want to get. Focus on what’s important to your organisation – hitting targets, encouraging repeat behaviours, creating an environment for self-development – mix intrinsic and extrinsic motivational techniques to light a fire in people rather than under them.

Clear Processes for Solving Common Problems

Methodology to solving problems, this will come as an invaluable improvement to agent efficiency. By supplying your agents with an arsenal of best practice processes and subject matter expertise, you are able to eliminate any unforced errors from the support process. Creating the processes is simple and is something a product engineer or expert can handle in a matter of hours. Allowing each agent to immediately become an expert at solving problems.

Continuous Improvement Training

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it was mentioned time and time again amongst our customers. By establishing a continuous training schedule, you can assure yourself that each agent will receive the appropriate training at the right time. Focusing each session on a new customer service skill or best practice procedure, the entire operation will learn to become more efficient in their daily tasks.

Extract greater value from your customer calls

It’s one thing knowing that the contact center is your organisation’s most valuable source of customer information; it’s quite another extracting that information, analyzing it, and proactively taking actions based on your findings. Ask yourself whether you could be making better use of your ACD, call recording, workforce management and performance management data. Consider whether that data could be more efficiently aggregated and analysed and whether the use of quality management and speech analytics technologies could help you turn findings into real-time actions.

Internal Practices

When a good call is identified, hold a group session to allow everyone to listen to it. This will reinforce the good behaviour in that individual and push others to demonstrate the same performance. Let them mark it against agreed criteria to determine whether it was a good call themselves – if you don’t have these criteria get them to create some.

Improve the agent desktop

Take a look at the agent desktop. In the majority of cases this is a complex environment that leads to excessive agent training needs, increased levels of agent frustration and thus turn-over, increased average call handling times and, worst of all, customer frustration while they wait for the agent to resolve their issue. There are products on the market now that can revolutionize the agent desktop to make it more interaction-handling centric and remove the need to directly access business applications, and can even recommend what the agent should do next.

Language (Nearshore)

In recent times, many organizations have shifted to near shoring, as proximity which allows them more flexibility to align vendors closer to their organization versus traditional offshore centers. Epicenter at the forefront of this trend recognizes the need for these organizations to have a nearshore center which would provide them with a shorter, easier access to their extended operations at a fixed (budgeted) monthly cost.

Epicenter has a strategic partnership with a near-shore BPO in Managua, Nicaragua, to provide bilingual and “Spanish only” support & English only support in Mumbai, India. The facility is equipped with fully furnished workstations to handle operations all BPO and IT operations.

Key highlights of the facility

  • Ideally situated in the largest country in Central America
  • Vast pool of bilingual resources and highly educated workforce
  • State of the art technology solutions available
  • Workforce with Neutral accent and Spanish language, trained on US culture
  • 50% cost advantage to an onshore center
  • Easily accessible – 3.5 hours flight from Atlanta, Georgia
  • BCP site in Mumbai, India which can handle English call in the event of any exigency

Key highlights for US-based companies interested in Near-shoring

  • State Of The Art Facility
  • Contingency facility in Panama City, Panama and Mumbai, India
  • Comprehensive knowledge of U.S. and European standards and regulations in the banking, financial services, and technology
  • Extensive experience in planning, executing and delivering major contact center and data center operations worldwide
  • Highly experienced project and vendor management team to facilitate and accelerate your offshore deployment

Customer Satisfaction

The old adage “The Customer Is Always Right” rings true to this date as well. A satisfied customer is vital to any business and at Epicenter we ensure that your customers are exceedingly satisfied by receiving the prompt, courteous and resolution based service from all of our agents.

Epicenter firmly believes in letting your unsatisfied customers guide you towards changes in policies or procedures that may need to be established and listening to those that are dissatisfied and act on their advice when it makes sense. Being honest, which customers appreciate and listening to and educating them for better understanding are some methodologies we implement to engage them more and let them see the bigger picture and the background of some of your decisions.

Our agents are trained to always be positive and smile at all times, even if they are not personally in front of the customer. A positive experience and a customer care representative that leaves a positive experience will go a long way as positive words and a positive tone with a genuine interest in the customer’s needs is extremely important.

Epicenter's key activities to create
a memorable & positive customer experience

Allow the team to listen to and score their own calls

We encourage the teams to listen to their own conversations and score their own calls. This built buy-in to a predominantly uncomfortable coaching session by giving agents the opportunity to identify their own areas of improvement with customer satisfaction.

Throw away the scripts

We have found that scrapping the script has had a huge positive impact, treating the customer as the individual that they are – talking to them like a fellow human being has seen us receive feedback for being friendly and approachable and is bringing people back time and again.

Present a sample of customer complaints in team meetings

Get team members to present a sample of the customer complaints in the weekly team meetings. This allows the team to review the problems faced and also feel engaged in the process of coming up with longer-term solutions.

Listen to customer feedback

Listen and read the customer feedback. Then, you can change your own behaviour if you see what customers are saying about you.

Never say no to a customer

Our golden rule: never say no to a customer – if a Customer Service Rep can’t deliver a solution for the customer, they escalate this to their Team Lead, so strategically we can resolve the root cause.

If we ever have to say no, it’s a ‘Disney No’ – we turn a negative into a positive through freebies such as goodwill credit or free loyalty points.

Treat the customer as you would a friend or business partner

Take care of the customer end to end. Treat them as you would a friend or business partner. Do not get stressed about KPIs such as AHT, only get stressed, if necessary, about the impression you leave in customers’ minds.

Quality & Compliance

Epicenter’s principle of openness and transparency in all its operations and transactions is established at various customer touch points. The foundation of all projects is the strong quality framework that ensures the adoption of best practices, established methodologies and the commitment to achieve excellence in delivery. Our integrated quality framework addresses the requirements of COPC & Six Sigma. Epicenter aims at achieving the highest levels of agent utilization, performance metrics and customer satisfaction through our strong quality framework.

Maintaining consistency in transactions and enhanced quality in our interactions becomes a pivotal driver of any of our end-user experiences. Epicenter through its methodology of continuous improvement has been able to achieve near-perfect audit scores of 99.9% and voice quality scores of 99% to ensure your customers go through a high-quality experience by understanding the level of service required of their role, following established procedures and guidelines for customer service and being committed to meeting customer needs.


At the same time, we understand that Customer privacy and information confidentiality is the core requirement of any operational facility. Managing millions of transactions daily in a secure environment is the key responsibility of our in-house Business Process Risk Management team who ensure all protocols and certifications are adhered to, so that customer sensitive information in guarded at all times.

Consistent up training on regulatory frameworks and compliance related material along with robust processes and technology to prevent any unwanted makes our operations 100% secure on any data trusted with us.

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