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Internet of Things (IoT) has brought forth opportunities and data sources that were not known before. The age of internet and smart devices has provided a perfect backdrop for IoT to emerge as the biggest thing to happen in the industrial world.

The need of the hour is to have a futuristic approach towards your business needs. Take your business to the 22nd century with a fine blend of advanced technology and predictive thinking. This is where EISP (Epicenter IoT Service Provider) comes in.

We can help you and your business in exploring the digitally connected world of IoT. EISP understands your business and validates the need for an IoT intervention. We tune up your infrastructure for an adaptive IoT reformation. Secure platforms, big data monitoring, predictive and preventive analysis, forecasts, process optimization etc. are the tools we rely on to iron-cast your business image as a market leader.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing

The world is right now witnessing its biggest industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. A wave of automation and digitalization is transforming business practices all across the globe. The key tool at work here is IoT (Internet of Things).

As per IDC, IoT will see a handsome investment of more than USD 1 Trillion by the end of 2020. Applying IoT to manufacturing has given rise to the latest business trend called ‘Smart Manufacturing’. It saw the biggest investments in IoT in 2016 – USD 178 Billion. Blending IoT with core processes; businesses can now track product manufacturing, supply chain, and transit operations in real time at vital utilization points.

The US is expected to increase IoT investments by the year 2020. The manufacturing sector alone will contribute 15% to the total purchases made. The need of the hour is to seek timely, accurate and cost-effective IoT solutions so that your businesses can lead the race.

Epicenter with its technological advancements and expert forecasting of the market trends is capable of giving your business the IoT edge like none other.

EISP - Service CapabilitiesEvolve your businesses infrastructure and be a part of the IoT era with EISP’s curated services:

IoT Consultation

While it is crucial for businesses to keep up the pace with the technological revolution; it is advisable to assess the IoT needs of your business first. EISP creates a detailed roadmap for you to embark on your IoT journey. After a thorough evaluation of your current business infrastructure, we share insights that will help you take the right steps towards IoTization.


EISP relies on a series of advanced platforms for streamlined and secured data transmission. Some of our advanced platforms are:

  • Application Enablement Platform (AEP), which allows deployment of IoT applications in a controlled manner without scale up or scale down hassles. It provides all the basic IoT services like data management, communication, security, analytics etc. required to map a concrete solution.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a holistic platform that gives a unified view of customers. It acts as a centralized location for your precious customer data. Right from their personal identifiers to their web visits, from email responses to app sessions and brand interactions, etc. can be collected. This makes CDP a holy grail for marketers.
  • Some organization has varied IT demands and face load fluctuations. Managing such an infrastructure can be tricky especially if multiple interfaces are involved. Cloud Management Platform (CMP) pulls your essential tools & processes in one place and builds a unique cloud management environment. It allows automation and optimization of your IT infrastructure.

In addition to this, we also use other platforms like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Fog Computing

Fog computing is the latest rage in cloud tech. In this, the data is stored and computed at a decentralized location. It lies somewhere in between the cloud and the data source. It extends cloud computing and places its advantage close to where the data is actually created. With fog computing, you can reduce the amount of data being transmitted to the cloud, adding to reliability and security.

IoTization of Assets

We look at IoT as a business and a technological evolution rather than a ‘revolution’. Hence, we believe in utilizing the existing infrastructure and modifying it for effective IoTization. The existing communication network, production equipment, logistic management devices are coupled with IoT sensors for secured data transmissions.

Apps & Analytics

The whole purpose of IoT is to generate data. This data, although precious, is useless unless broken down for business insights. We offer an array of micro-services and business applications required for analysis. In addition, we undertake full business integration and design correct analytical models that can assist your business with the correct business insights.

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