Back Office Operations / Non-voice Services

Epicenter has been offering back-office operations across more than 30 queues for the Fortune 500 clients. Our agents are skilled and adept at ensuring that turnaround times of less than 12 hours are met with accuracy levels of 99.9%. Be it email or chat support across global platforms or high-end credit bureau dispute verification; we cater to our clients across all lines of back-office operations.

At Epicenter, we provide valuable insights competent collections and retention services like:

Digitization of Records

Every aspect of your business is being digitalized. Then why not your records? With efficient technology and manpower, we ensure that your physical records are digitized. The data is transformed without any loss and remains accessible during the process.

Transaction & Payment Processing

Epicenter has worked closely with leading financing firms as their collections, counseling and auditing partner. We have ensured secure and seamless payment/transaction services.

Email Support

When it comes to customer interaction no medium is less valuable. Epicenter has proved it that even with email, a sound customer service and support can be executed. We handle a volume of 55,000 to 60,000 emails monthly for a leading insurance company.

White Mail Processing

Epicenter’s technological solutions can automate your unstructured customer correspondence (SMS, e-mail, fax, e-files and even posts). Automation of white mail processing can help your business save on resources and improve efficiency in handling the incoming requests, queries, orders, and complaints.

Web Chat

Our team is capable of handling and managing your web chat platform with efficiency. We ensure that your support channel is up and running 24/7 and your customers never feel left out at any given point in time.

Credit Disputes Verification

Spending more than 17 years as a collections leader, Epicenter understands how meticulous credit disputes can be. Our team is well trained on the industry norms and knows how to verify credit complaints in a timely manner.

Data Warehousing Processing & MIS Services

Epicenter helps your business in setting up data warehouses for every business under your flagship. We do so through top down/bottom up approaches. Not just data, our MIS services assist you in managing all the departments within your organization efficiently. This ensures optimum usage of workforce and data.

Key achievements @ epicenterDecreasing the turnaround times through effective use of staffing during U.S. night-time

Fortune 500 Credit Card Company

We processed over 2.7MM payments with 99.99% accuracy each month. Over 30K change of address requests processed each month. Over 10K merchant disputes processed monthly. Over 28k credit bureau disputes verified monthly on the E-Oscar.

Global Insurance Company

40,000 customer emails responded to each month, with more than 95% quality scores as assessed by the client.

Fortune 500 U.S. Retail Card Company

Over 4,00,000 emails responded to at a service level of more than 99%. With 24X7 staffing & operations, all emails were responded within 24 hours of receipt.

Fortune 500 Telecom Service Provider

Over 210 complex MIS reports and activities managed daily with Data warehousing and automation support.

Largest Gift Card Reseller

End to End customer relationship managed through voice and non-voice channels.

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