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After spending more than a decade as a leading BPM solutions provider, one of our keen observations has been that the entire customer care experience you render plays a crucial role in determining a customer’s loyalty and lifecycle with you. Every service provider in the market is experimenting and innovating to offer their customers enhanced satisfaction and cost optimization.

Good customer service is all about seeing them off with a smile and welcoming them back warmly. And like they say there is no better marketing medium than a happy customer. This ‘word-of-mouth’ persuades other prospects to consider your services and in turn become repeat customers.

At Epicenter, we excel in managing crucial interactions with your customers through expert services:

  • Inbound & Outbound Service
  • Queries, Requests & Complaints
  • Debt counseling
  • Help Desk Services
  • Level 1 and 2 Tech Support
  • Outbound Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Fraud and Credit Disputes Management
  • Dealer and Branch network support
  • Call &Trade management surveys

Retaining and delighting your end customers at superior satisfaction levels

Global Consumer Electronics Giant

Pre and Post sales Customer Service, Dealer network support and customer satisfaction surveys handling over 1.2 Million calls each month. Over $ 1 MM saved annually through L1 tech support (telephonic trouble shooting).

Global leading Financial Services Company

Managing end to end annual debt reviews and debt counseling.

Unisex salon chain with over 50 Branches

Handling 50K+ appointments & enquiries for client’s 55 branches across the country.

Fortune 500 US Retail Card Company

Managing 24 x 7 inbound customer service calls for payments processing.

Leading Online Trading Firm

Booking over 745K trades annually for customers of the fastest growing discount broker.


Epicenter adheres to the 5 P’s of Customer Service Excellence – Process, Product, Presentation, Price and most importantly – People. With this backing our believes, we accomplish excellence in customer service by implementing the following tips –

Service Comes First

Since, we understand that a ‘good’ experience brings the customer back; we have developed a work culture that places service above all. Our representatives believe in the services that they are offering and with excellent communication skills create a WOW factor for the end user. And just for the records, we do not stop at good; we work to be the best.

Know your Customer

It may be just a database but for us, they are individuals. We put in efforts to understand our member base so that we can deliver a unique and personalized experience, each time. This way, we turn the existing customers into effective marketing vehicles.

Excellent Customer Service

Our call representatives are good speakers but they are great listeners too. They listen to the customer, identify the problem and apply their knowledge and skills to turn things positive. Valuing a customer’s time and opinion, every effort is taken to address the concerns in a timely manner. We strive and succeed in exceeding their expectations and in turn gain their loyalty and trust.

Playing Our Part

Every customer interaction is evaluated to get engagement and satisfaction rates. The results so obtained are utilized to come up with improved marketing strategies to keep up with our ideal of continuous improvement. We motivate our employees to not only by giving them authority to take decisions but also through informative sessions and incentive plans that help them to do better. Our employees too, keep up with the brand promise and act as your ambassadors that differentiate your brand from the others in the market.

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