Pre-sales & Market Research

Pre-sales & Market Research

Market Trend is probably the most volatile thing out there for businesses. What’s in vogue today is most likely to get obsolete in a few months or years from now. Even your customer base is rapidly evolving. It is getting smarter, tech-friendlier and does not shy away from switching sides and preferences. With the landscape so undulating, how do you ensure the success of your product or service? The answer lies in well-crafted and rigorous Pre-Sales and Market Research.

Staying acquainted with the customer insights is crucial for businesses. You can learn about these insights from various market reports, social media channels and even from your already acquired internal database. At Epicenter, we have a core Marketing Research team in place that can extract value from your unstructured or structured data in a timely manner. With a qualified team and a robust technological front, we help you to take insight-driven business decisions.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Understand the market you wish to seize with Epicenter

Our market research capabilities allow us to offer end-to-end solutions to our clients. We follow a meticulous process to ensure that every aspect of the market you wish to venture into is made known to you. Right from campaign design to the final charting and reports, we streamline the complex process of market research for you. Some of our services are:

Product Research

Does your customer base really need the product you have in mind? What features should you incorporate? Who are your competitors? All this needs to be analyzed before designing a product. Epicenter does a thorough product and market research and breaks down the data comprehensively for you to take solid business decisions.

Competitive Analysis

It has been very aptly said that ‘Keep your friends close but enemies closer.’ Keeping an eye on your competitors is a crucial business tactic. Epicenter, with its expert marketing team and tools, sketches accurate competitor profiles. We analyze the competitor on numerous aspects like, it’s image, market penetration, customer base, range, best sellers etc. and present you with data that can help you design more strategic campaigns.

Survey Design and Execution

Knowing exactly what your target audience feels and thinks – isn’t that just great. Epicenter helps the clients in identifying their need for polls and surveys. Right from segmenting the member base to survey scripting to effective execution – our team does it all flawlessly.

Data Collection, Validation & Analysis

Marketing is all about effective data collection and its strategic analysis. Epicenter has a specialized in-house team that ensures seamless data collection, its validation, and detailed analysis to extract valuable insights.

Market Forecasting

Won’t you benefit from staying one-step ahead in the competition? Accurate market forecasts empower businesses to be ready for the trends, technology, and requirements that they are most likely to encounter in the near future. Our team has studied the market and its changing trend over the years and is capable of accurate forecasting.


Creating comprehensive reports is not just skill, it is an art, and we specialize in it. Our capable team has a good understanding of different reporting formats and presents the data in a form that best serves the purpose.

Executing surveys with Perfection

Epicenter specializes in programming and executing market surveys. Our clients have benefited from our elaborate drafting and market penetration to better position their products and services. We have successfully deployed telephonic and web CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews), phone to web surveys, online surveys, and focus groups. Our experience includes:

  • Over 3000+ telephonic interviews a day
  • Conducted focus group studies for a leading toy manufacturer
  • Over 1000 CSAT surveys conducted for relationship managers for a premier bank in India
  • Language capabilities covering Asian and global regions
  • Expertise in B2B and B2C projects

In addition to the market research, Epicenter also does an extensive and exhaustive Business research for the clients. We source our data from a team that has a deep industry penetration as well as from leading research databases. Our detailed business research activities include landscape and industry study, competitor profiling, products and services positioning, historic reports and business forecasts and sharing the findings in easy-to-read reports etc.

In today’s era, every business is putting up a strong fight to capture the limited pool of prospects. Market research and customer insights are what can help you to be customer-centric in the long run.

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