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Financial services are no longer restricted to mere pen and paper. With the advent of the digital era, every aspect of banking – loan sanctions, credit cards, mortgage management, trading, investments; has been digitalized. Financial service providers are aiming at offering deals and services that have been highly customized to meet the member’s requirements.

Epicenter has a broad experience in servicing a wide range of financial processes. We take pride in our long-standing relationships with Fortune 500 Financial Service Providers as our clients.

Our banking solutions range from project design to delivery across operating models, software solutions and locations. Our services extend industrialized delivery and customer centricity thinking to change banking operations. Right from strategizing to execution, we address every banking need.

Accounts Receivable Management

Collections is not just about extracting money from debtors. It is about creating new revenue sources for a business while improving relations with the existing customers. It is also about strict adherence to regulatory compliances while being persuasive with the resistors. Collections, therefore, comes across as an unprofitable vertical for businesses trying to improve their bottom lines desperately. The most practical way to overcome this difficult situation is outsourcing collections to a competent vendor.

Epicenter, with its 17 years of experience as third party offshore collector, has consistently helped businesses to improve their receivables with proficient collection services. We have collected over $12.7 Billion for Fortune 100 and 500 companies located in US & UK.

Wish to improve your bottom line?

Banking Management Services

Banking has now become mobile. People want to perform banking transactions on the go. Hence, the banks are compelled to improve and enhance the user experience through streamlined processes with more secured virtual operating environments. The need of the hour is to keep innovating and offering more value to the end user at lesser costs.

Epicenter stays updated with the current trends ongoing in this volatile sector. We understand your constraints and spot new opportunities with a vigilant eye. We take great pride in our association with some of the leading global banking firms that have proved to be immensely fruitful.

Retail Banking

We take pride in working with a Fortune 100 Retail Credit Card Company for over the past 13 years. We handle a team of over 250 FTEs for the client. Our agents outperformed the client’s center in just 60 days from the start of the project.

Our team is fully equipped to handle an array of banking processes. Right from customer acquisition services to IT solutions; Epicenter caters to your business needs with an edge.

Commercial Banking

Just like retail banking, commercial banking to has seen drastic changes. Clients are becoming smarter and regulations are affecting business agility. Banking firms need to roll out tailored services and digitalize the whole experience. If a bank cannot comply with this, it might meet an under-performing fate.

Epicenter, with its decade of knowledge, can help you reach out to your customer base in a more cost-efficient way.


Inbound/Outbound Customer Service

Retail & Branch Banking

Accounts & Vendor Management

Customer Lifecycle Management

Fraud Management

Payment Implementation & Monitoring

Query & Escalations

Product & System Helpdesk Management

Risk & Compliance Management

Insurance Services

The insurance sector has become very competitive. Every provider is rolling out new services to get more ground. At times like these, customer interaction stands as the key branding traits. With an in-depth understanding of this sector, we put down a curated plan for your business.

We cater to your business needs with a host of services that can help you extract the full potential of your business. Check out our Customer Acquisitions Services and get in touch with us to understand how we can apply them to your existing business structure.

Outstanding Achievements in Insurance

Epicenter has discarded the notions that outcast non-voice processes. With just emails as our medium to reach out to the customers, we created such an ambient environment for the customers that even the client had to applaud.

We have been working with a leading insurance firm for the last 3 years. We handle about 90% of their monthly email volumes to extend out an impeccable Email Customer Service.

Mortgage Management Solutions

No matter how volatile its nature may be, mortgage services are an integral part of the banking sector. Companies into mortgage services are seeking ways to tone down the existing structure. This is the only way to increase profitability without adding much to the fixed business costs.

At Epicenter, we offer supportive and productive BPM services to the clients. Our team of domain experts works closely with you to cut down on the risks and improve performance.

Our Expertise:

Domain Experts

Working closely with the banking sector for 15+ years, we understand the mortgage operations. Our subject experts train the agents to give us a team of competent customer handlers.

Know the Rules

‘Regulations’ is one of the turbulent forces that shape and re-shape mortgage services. We keep updating our practices and stay compliant with the rules and regulations. We pledge to complete compliance and have joined hands with various authorities to seek domain knowledge.

Curated Plans

We understand that no two businesses are alike and their needs too, differ significantly. We analyze your business, study the challenges and offer curated solutions for your firm.

Our Offerings:


Lead Generation

Call Screening

Product Finder/pricing engine

Loan application Management

Customer Counseling


Application Processing

Pre conditioning

Vendor Management

Document Verification

Rate Locking

Borrower & Third party Verification


Setup & Payments

Loan Maintenance & Customer Service

Escrow Services


Refinance / Loan Modification


People & Domain

Hiring resource with specialized skills in the Mortgage sector.

Knowledge portal for sharing best practices in the financial service process.

Flexible Model

Engagement model to suit client requirements and business imperatives.

Consulting engagements: Identifying areas of opportunities and be a part of them, if possible.


To provide cost reduction through process re-engineering and process rationalization.

Implementation of automation and workflow tools.

Mature Practice

Supporting Fortune 500 companies in this sector.

Long term approach to relationships.

Capital Market Services

The changing market values/trends and the huge compliance costs involved are compelling the capital market players (big and small) to restructure their global processes. Right from process people to services being delivered to costs involved, everything is being re-evaluated.

We provide a range of Business Process Management services, enabling the market players to reduce the risks involved, increase customer satisfaction and generate revenue through lead generations and follow-ups. All this is achieved at reduced costs and time cycles.

We are managing end to end customer interactions for a leading online discount brokerage firms. It allows customers to trade across Equities, Futures, Options, Currencies and has a daily turnover of USD 900 MN across the NSE, BSE, and MCX.

Debt Management &
Credit Bureau Counseling

Around 70 million people in the U.S. alone are burdened by at least one debt. Debt management is thus, a crucial service that reduces the risk for the debtor as well as the lender. These plans ensure that debts are paid off affordable. A debt management plan creates a win-win situation for all.

Epicenter has been providing debt management services to leading creditors in the UK and US. With a strong regulatory compliance and a proficient team that understands all the risks, we have improved debt recovery for firms and credit scores for debtors in the most streamlined way.

Our Services:

Debt Counseling

Epicenter is adept at sound debt counseling. Our certified counselors get in touch with the debtors and guide them through their debt and credit journey. Our team offers correct advice and customized debt management plans that aid your debt recovery in a seamless manner.

Customer Relationship

Most debtors are genuinely hassled and suffer at the hands of collectors as well as rapidly falling credit scores. With a professional approach, we support the debtors with advice on improving their credit scores. This improves customer relations and retentions.


We also do the crucial task of auditing the debt counseling reports that is a regulatory mandate. With expert professionals and a robust technological front, we have audited more than 3500 reports with 100% compliance.

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