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Retail is probably the most affected sector in today’s business world. Retailers have been continuously battling challenges like overwhelming consumer choice, technological innovations, volatile economy, e-retail dominance, and competitive pricing. Desperate to grab more customers, retailers have entered a never-ending battle. Only those fit to cater to the customers will emerge victoriously.

Operating your business through chain stores is advantageous in several ways. Not only do they give you more visibility, they also allow the customers to reach out to you more easily. This adds to the overall brand experience. However, if managing one retail store is difficult, managing an entire retail chain can give you nightmares.

Epicenter has worked with some leading retail firms and understands the industry trends in depth. Coupling our expertise with technology, we offer an array of services to the chain stores and franchisers. Right from profitability to quality to logistics management, we take a holistic approach to cater to your business needs.

Epicenter has been working with a leading retail firm and therefore, understands the industry trends in depth. Coupling our experience and expertise with technological advancements, we are capable of offering an array of services to the chain stores and franchisers. Right from profitability to operational efficiency to quality assurance to logistic management; we take a holistic approach to cater to your business needs.

Solutions connecting your Franchising Brand

CRM Management

The biggest problem faced by most retail chain stores is data silos. With every outlet managing its own database, the relay of vital stats and information becomes stagnant. This makes it difficult to generate useful business insights. Epicenter offers advanced CRM solutions that address your business needs. We create a uniform data entry point for all your stores so that the entire data is collected at a unified location.

Call Center Services

Epicenter has been serving numerous industries with call center services. Our team runs round the clock helpdesks through multiple channels to be omnipresent for your customers. We can enhance the overall retail experience with our expert customer care services, queries management, store location assistance etc.

Quality Assurance

This is the era of smart customers. People are choosing to pay for quality over quantity. Quality services begin with an efficient workforce and management team. Epicenter undertakes the crucial task of ensuring product and service quality across the outlets. We ensure that the onboarded members truly deserve to be a part of your enterprise. We can also conduct manager interviews to ensure that the place is run by an effective leader.

Store Management

It is important for the stores in your retail chain or franchises representing your brand to stay in sync with your brand image and prestige. Epicenter provides end to end store management solutions. Our team of experts assesses the property for its eligibility and initiates the on-boarding process. We also take care of the pre-sale activities, sale procedures and all the associated documentation for effective store management.

Grievance Management

Upsetting your customers can cost your business dearly. Epicenter has a dedicated team in place to address the incoming concerns in a timely manner. We keep a track of the filed complaints, follow up on the status, and close the case with a solution. We ensure that all this happens within a pre-specified TAT. Our effective grievance management improves customer engagement and extends customer life-cycle.

Logistics Support

Retail is influenced the most by its supply chain management. Logistics is, therefore, a crucial service to look at. Epicenter analyzes your operational structure and plans an efficient logistic management plan for your business. Not just this, we ensure its end-to-end implementation between points of origin and utilization.

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