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E-commerce is the biggest challenge for brick and mortar retail channels. Internet and smart gadget penetration have created a perfect backdrop for e-commerce to take a lead. In the last decade, this internet driven platform has enjoyed a rapid growth. In 2017 so far, the sector rose to USD 2.2 Trillion recording a huge growth of 23.2%. In Q2 of 2017, e-commerce sales in the US amounted to USD 111.5 Billion. This was an impressive growth of 4.8% as compared to Q1. The US, along with China, represents 69.1% of global e-commerce sales.

E-commerce has made it possible for your products to be omnipresent. While this is a boon, it has become a challenge too. Some of the grave challenges are data accuracy, customer service, reverse logistics, pricing, product volumes, fulfilling orders etc. To be in the race, your enterprise needs to innovate. The leading factor will be to take the offerings to the customers in a timely, cost-efficient, and secure way, no matter where they are located.

Our e-commerce arm offers an array of customized services to the global e-commerce players with a holistic solution. We know different market trends and landscapes, and the role they play in acquiring sales. This gives us an upper edge when it comes to giving you a value-added business proposition. With a fine blend of refined technology and highly trained staff, we take your business to the customers in the friendliest way there is. Your collaboration with us will allow your e-commerce model to attain superior efficiency and reachability.

Services delivering Holistic Solutions

E-Order Processing

E-commerce is open to everyone and anyone. No matter what the geolocation of the customer is, the internet will allow him to make a purchase. This is the most challenging thing faced by e-retailers, an omnipresent customer base. This diversity compels a business to comply with different regulations and fulfills varied needs. You have to keep a vigilant eye on your product inventory, purchase, payment processing, tracking and shipment, return management etc. EASEPI provides end-to-end solutions that cater to your e-commerce module, round the clock.

Acquisition of Information

The accuracy of an e-commerce platform is a key factor in determining the profitability of the whole business. Epicenter deploys notable e-commerce platforms like Magento, MagentoGo, Shopify, and BigCommerce etc. to accomplish accurate product data management. We handle business essentials like product data entry, catalog management, product content, data cleansing, and archiving, etc.

Servicing Customers

It a proven fact that there is no marketing medium more powerful than a happy customer is. Hence, after sale services like customer care and tech support need to be solidly planned. Imparting a well-crafted experience ensures more customer loyalty and active brand association. Epicenter specializes in setting up round the clock helpdesks for your customers. This increases customer retention and adds to your brand value.

Enhanced Visual Presentation

There is a simple rule to e-commerce – if you want to sell it, you have to show it! Product presentation, therefore, has a huge impact on product response and sales. DigiEpi is capable of managing your product web displays. We can offer services like image retouching and enhancement, background change, image clipping as well as 360-product view generation.

Payments & Accounting

Epicenter provides end-to-end finance and accounting services to businesses for smooth business operations. We are capable of handling operations like account payables, taxation, book-keeping, payroll, etc. Our team excels at account receivables and has been working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies for the last 17 years as a chosen collections partner.

Internet Marketing

E-commerce companies across the globe are contesting for the same customer base, making the sector extremely competitive. Digital Marketing is the tool that can take your business to the right audience. Right from websites to social media to advertisements, DigiEpi is capable of leveraging your e-commerce model to its full potential. In addition to designing new strategies, we optimize your existing platforms with SEO & SMO services, web analytics, content writing etc. for impressive business results.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.


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