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Technologies that have reshaped manufacturing are getting redundant due to fast-paced innovation and short-lived product cycles. Factors like stringent regulations, rising costs, and current economic landscape are making it more challenging. With new pieces of technology and aesthetics taking the forefront; the only way for a business to lead is by developing a competitive edge with their offerings.

Manufacturing firms have embraced the fact that outsourcing services can add value to their businesses. Outsourcing a non-core aspect of operations allows firms to focus on functions that can derive business growth. Letting off-shore partners manage services like back-office operations, finance & accounting and call center services increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Epicenter has an in-depth knowledge of major global markets. We have been assisting leading Manufacturing and Consumer Products Industries to increase their shareholder value. We offer an array of services – right from customer service to technical support to B2B interactions. Our team handles every activity with proficiency to improve profitability and customer retention.

Services building better manufacturing landscapes

Smart Manufacturing

Our ConnectGlobe vision connects businesses to the world of IoT (Internet of Things). We also empower them with Smart Manufacturing. With effective technological tools, EISP (Epicenter Internet of Things Service Provider) IoTizes your business assets and gives it a competitive edge. Our tech-savvy leadership is capable of offering 22nd-century businesses, today.

Supply Chain Management

Maximizing the speed and efficiency of operations is a mandate to take the lead in this competitive market. Monitoring the flow of goods from origin to consumption for smooth operations requires the efficiency of supply chain management. Our services manage the complex supply chain by improving inventory & procurement and fulfilling orders through efficient logistics.

Business Analysis

Epicenter’s tried and tested tracking methodologies, empowered by advancing technology, analyse your business for all the crucial insights. Vitals like key performing assets, problem makers, decision makers, operational loopholes etc. are identified. Our team then offers curated solutions to overcome these problems and attain process efficiency.

Product Development

Manufacturing realm is being moulded at an unprecedented rate at the hands of technology and innovation. This makes product development cycle considerably short. Our advanced solutions address the situation in an equally swift manner. Right from data management to building a prototype – we are capable of handling it all.

Attaining Sustainability

Regulatory norms and environmental protocols have made it compulsory for businesses to seek energy sustainability. Epicenter offers sustainability management applications that let you track power and asset usage to predict energy consumption patterns. These insights can identify major power consumers and how users can be optimized for more efficient operations.

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