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Real estate is contending against moderate growth, stringent regulations, unpredictable economy, and increased financial risks. The biggest challenge for the firms is to generate more revenue while controlling cost. In the last few years, the need to deploy existing resources in a cost-effective way has given outsourcing a strong momentum in this sector. Real estate departments have realized that outsourcing not only lowers the cost but also increases efficiency. It also allows real estate firms to focus on core competencies of their business and improve their offerings.

Our years of stay in the market points out that real estate can give the best results only when managed by specialists. Epicenter has been serving some of the leading real estate firms and has earned the title of a real-estate expert. Our customized BPM (Business Process Management) solutions cater to the dynamic needs of this volatile sector. We transform the existing processes with the right technology, automation, and digitalization.

Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economizing.


Services that simplify Real Estate

Brand Introduction

The saying ‘First impression is the last impression’ holds true for a customer-business interaction as well. We, thus, ensure that a prospect’s first conversation with the business is an impeccable one. Our representatives get in touch with the prospects to gauge their requirements and introduce the business as a one-stop solution for their real estate needs.

Property Consultation

Our team not only introduces the business in the first interaction but also uses it as an opportunity to understand the customer’s real estate needs. With proficient property consultation, we assist the customers in shortlisting relevant properties and inform the customer on costing and other parameters associated with it to take the conversation ahead.

Onsite Services

We understand that every client has its own specific needs. We, therefore, follow a flexible service model that can adapt to your requirements. While our state of the art facility is apt to run your business processes, we do provide on-site services as well. Our on-site presence allows us to modify and tailor our services as per your business need in real time.

Appointment Setting

Dealing in real estate is a risky affair and a customer is bound to have doubts that need to be addressed.  Our team of callers connects the customers with respective Relationship Managers (RM). Based on the customer’s convenience, our team fixes appointments for RM visits and also takes care of their transport for a timely visit.

Follow up & Feedback

Customers are the most valuable assets of a business and hence, we don’t just stop at fixing appointments. Our dedicated team goes one-step ahead and follows up with the customer for the scheduled meeting. We ensure that the meeting takes place on time. We record customer’s overall experience and evaluate the RM for his efficiency. We take customer feedback, update the CRM and forward it to the concerned team in case of any grievances.

Customer Experience

The key to a business’ success lies in acquiring customers and ensuring that they never feel unheard or uncared for. We are extra vigilant towards managing and executing the offerings of brand loyalty programs to ensure customer engagement. We are also capable of addressing customer grievances and queries in a timely and empathetic manner.

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