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The telecom sector is challenged by ISPs, social media channels and apps. While this was not enough, telecom providers are competing amongst themselves for customer and spectrum. The two have been exploited to the point of stagnation. The industry might hit saturation in the next few years. The operators have identified that the new age customers have higher expectations. They look for seamless high quality across channels for an access to a digitalized world.

Businesses need to up their technological game by refining and personalizing their offerings. While getting more customers on board is required, retaining the existing ones is also crucial. Hence, customer service to stands a major differentiating factor to put an enterprise in the lead. Outsourcing has emerged as an ideal way to manage inefficiency of constant change and embrace innovation. Telecom providers get to focus on the core competencies of the business without compromising on the customer experience.

Connecting Telecom carriers to Customized Solutions

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition stands as a crucial service for Telecom operators. We have been working with leading telecom carriers in the US, UK, and Canada. Data cleansing, lead generation, sales and welcome calling are some of our services that maximize acquisitions.

Customer Service

Enhancing customer experience is the key to gaining their loyalty and retention. Our team of qualified call handlers caters to the customers with well-groomed services. An empathetic approach and round the clock availability stand as the backbone of our impeccable customer services. The general inquiry, handset support, SIM registration, and activation/deactivation of VAS etc. are some of the services we offer.

Billing & Collection

Epicenter is a key player in collections for more than 17 years now. We have worked for a leading telecom provider in Canada as it is offshore collections partner. We handled 30 and 60 collections buckets, send out rule-based reminders and even managed billing inquiries for them.

Order Fulfillment

The first impression is the last impression. This saying holds true for business as well. Your first customer interaction plays an important role in creating a positive brand image. We ensure that the newly arrived customer is on-boarded in a hassle free and swift manner. Right from data entry to its validation, our agents ensure that customer data is acquired and updated in the CRM. We also provide activation assistance and tech support to the customers.

Tech Support

Telecom products and services are getting more advanced with each passing day. While this is a big plus for your brand, the complexity might invite some troubled customers to your doorsteps. To address the technical queries, Epicenter provides 24/7 tech support to the customers. Our well-trained team provides L1/L2 support, service configuration and installation support to the customers in an easy-to-follow manner.

Data Analytics

Data is the most valuable business asset. It holds the key to your growth, development, and success. However, data cannot be utilized to its full potential until processed to make sense out of it. We are capable of accurate data analytics that helps in providing crucial business insights for optimizing processes. We offer reporting and MIS management, call center analytics, reconciliation services and even audits with strict adherence to compliance and quality.

Innovation & Growth

We offer services that emphasize on innovation and growth through streamlined customer-centric services. Our advanced technological platforms allow telecom carriers to manage their operations with higher service fulfillments, assured deliveries and implementation of strategic systems. With an empathetic approach, we increase customer loyalty and rework processes for enhanced business results.

The need of the hour is to work with a predictive insight. Knowing the customers, forecasting market trends, being tech ready and personalizing the customer reach are the key essentials to outshine in this competitive landscape.

An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon which an information society is built.


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