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Wellness and beauty, as an industry, has evolved dramatically in the past decade. Traditional salons have evolved into stylized hubs. The desire for a refined living has given rise to a unique culture in the form of spas, pubs, and lounges. Travel, tourism and rising standard of living have raised customer expectations. Enterprises need to keep offering more to keep their member base active.

The internet and smart device savvy customer base needs everything at their fingertips. The convenience of booking through website or app, staying updated with the latest offers, loyalty programs, modern infrastructure and digital interaction are some of the areas on which the service providers need to focus on to be key players in the long run.

Epicenter understands how changes in market trends can affect a business. We have worked for a leading wellness and beauty service provider in the past. We assisted them with the right technology and curated services for effective business development to enhance customer experience.

Solutions to enhance Wellness & Beauty Industry

Business Enhancement

Acquiring customers is very crucial if a business aims to continue in the race for long. Our wellness client was losing opportunities due to an unorganized structure. It made it difficult for prospects to reach out to the firm. We analyzed the current set and modified it with expert business consultation. We set up helpline desk for the client with a dedicated team that converted prospects to loyal customers.

Appointment Settings

Epicenter has the caliber to set up a helpdesk that can address the incoming concerns swiftly. Our calling team gets in touch with the prospects and book appointments for them over the phone, as per their convenience. The booking confirmations are sent out via SMS and Email to the customers.

Loyalty Programs

A happy customer is a loyal customer. We have managed loyalty programs for various industries. We can plan and develop a loyalty program and deploy it with efficiency. We ensure that your business gets a pool of happy and loyal customers through this program and its various offerings.

Grievance Management

Our empathetic approach, domain and technological knowledge allow us to offer proficient grievance management services to the clients. We address their concerns through our multi-channel helpdesk and respond with an impressive TAT.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.


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