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Rising consumer debts is a major concern across the globe. The US alone owed a massive debt of USD 12.73 Trillion in Q1 of 2017 and USD 12.84 Trillion in Q2. In the hostile business world, simply relying on product or service sales is not enough. It is crucial for organizations to eye new sources of revenue generation. This is why; a sound Account Receivable Management is indispensable for businesses.

Epicenter has stayed as a key player in debt recovery for more than 17 years. We have improved the bottom line for global businesses by collecting more than USD 12.7 Billion so far. We have offered our services to leading business giants like the Fortune 500 squad. Our ethical practices and recovery rates have earned us a reputation in the jurisdiction where others have failed.

Compliant & Cost effective Collection ServicesThird party quality scores confirm Epicenter as a Superior Partner

We consistently outperformed offshore competitors, as per Quality Audits by client-appointed third party (NuComm).

Epicenter excels in both Inbound Collections and Customer engagement.

Our proven offshore platform has demonstrated best in class performance compared to client’s onshore captives and third-party centers across the world.

Summary of Success in Accounts Receivable Management

Leading U.S. Bank

Epicenter started the process in 2008 with just 35 FTEs on Early Stage Collections. Later on, the scale and complexities were appraised to Recovery, Refinance & Inbound collections.

  • In Jan 2009, Epicenter received over 90 Days delinquent accounts. We outperformed competition across all buckets in the first month of operation.
  • We consistently delivered more than what was expected. In May 2009, we were chosen as the partner of choice over the oldest offshore partner.
  • With a superior delivery across portfolios, Epicenter received offshoring for client’s inbound collection volumes in 2010.

Fortune 500 Credit Card Company

Epicenter managed out-bound credit card collections for a leading credit card company in the US. We started the early collection process with just 39 agents. The team was gradually expanded to 562 FTEs, which handled 6 additional functions. Here are some of the milestones that we achieved:

  • Clocked more than 3.2 Million hours in managing outbound credit card collections
  • Handled 60% of the USD 2+ Billion Bucket 1 collections portfolio and collected over USD 2.1 Billion overall
  • Delivered superior customer value with an increased ROI of over 30%
  • Back office processes were started with just 20 FTEs. The team was gradually increased to 120 FTEs, handling over 90 queues within 18 months
  • ROI of $8.60 on Portfolio 1 and $3.70 for Portfolio 2 for each dollar invoiced by Epicenter

Fortune 500 Utility Company in US

We worked with a leading utility company in the US. We took complete ownership of its Inbound Customer Service, Inbound and Outbound Collections and Back office services. The process started in 2003 with just 20 agents and was soon up-scaled to over 200 agents.

  • Epicenter has been quality complaint since the first month
  • Within just 60 days, we outperformed the client’s captive center
  • We collected debts amounting to USD 3.6 Billion

Fortune 100 Bank

The process started in 2002, making Epicenter the only offshore collector for the client. We handled 100% of In-bound on the Revolve, RCP, and FDC portfolios and 30% of Out-bound on the Revolve portfolio. With a team of 72 FTEs, Epicenter enhanced customer experience & satisfaction; key SLA parameters. Here are some of our achievements:

  • Over 260,000 hours of operations since inception
  • 60% of all Bucket 1 collections done by Epicenter
  • Over USD 400 Million collected since inception

Email support for the World’s Largest Online Auction Site

The client has a registered member base of 180 million members in 27 countries across the globe. Epicenter started email collections for the client with a team of just 15 FTEs. The team was extended to 64 FTEs within 18 months.

  • We provided 100% email based collections support for customers located in English speaking countries
  • Over 400,000 emails responded to since transition at a service level of over 99%
  • We handled accounts and transactions holding value of over USD 1.6 Billion per month (12% of total transaction value)

Leading U.S. Collections Agency

We outperformed the client’s captive center with over USD 400k collected in 60 days with just 2 FTEs.

Canadian Payday Loan Company

Collections improved by over 335% over 13 months post migration to Epicenter

Effectiveness & Efficiency Epicenter consolidates as the best offshore vendor

75% Inbound collections volume handled at Epicenter.

We consistently deliver better AHT than another offshore vendor, effectively consolidating business.

50% customer service queries currently servicing. Inbound Marketing Opt Out process commenced.

Continuous improvement in AHT has reduced the billing to the client and resulting in higher ROI.

Handled 60% of a $2+ Billion Bucket 1 collections portfolio. We collected over USD 2.1 Billion since inception.

At Epicenter, learning is a never-ending process. We have continuously evolved our practices to be skillfully updated for our clients. Be it changing technology, arising trends and stringent regulations; we have kept up the pace with all. Our curious and ever-improving approach keeps in the race even after 17 long years. We have crossed numerous milestones that have generously added to our success story.

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