Customer Acquisition Services

Customer acquisition is a challenge even in the best of times. In today’s competitive environment, it is a mammoth task. To help clients tackle this, Epicenter has developed an effective and cost-efficient team that assists our clients in meeting their sales targets.

Telesales is a tried and tested the way to get fast results for your products. We can have your new telesales campaign up and running within 48 hours. Yes, we are talking about real sales figures within the first 48 hours of a campaign. Other marketing channels can cost you a lot of time and money to achieve the same numbers. Now, not all products or services can be sold over the phone. Our team will work closely with you, to ensure that you choose a service that best suits your business.

The agents hired have a prior experience of working in the field of telesales of varied nature for prestigious clients. They utilize their experience that they have gained to bring in effective sales solutions for the clients. Led by experienced supervisors and armed with extensive product/service knowledge, the agents make our client offering hard-to-resist.

Lead Generation Process

At Epicenter, we have an eye and talent for identifying the right prospects to turn your venture into a profitable deal. With a highly trained and efficient team, we have succeeded in generating an impressive number of leads for our clients.

Appointment Setting

Epicenter’s appointment setters have a goal of keeping your field team busy with customers. We have had considerable success of achieving up to 3 appoints a day per person from your listed prospects, thereby keeping your field team where they are most effective.

Tele-marketing & Tele-sales

We understand that every prospect on that list holds value and hence, we have a dedicated and lingual team in place to convert it from a contact to a loyal member. Our teams have achieved numbers far greater than the targets in surprisingly short duration.

Cross Selling Process

We put special efforts in understanding the prospect’s profile to ensure that you have a happy and loyal customer at the end of the call. We curate the client offerings to cater specific needs in an empathetic and professional way.

Order Tracking & Fulfillment

The newly formed members are on-boarded in a swift and seamless fashion. We can track the orders of the logistics made available and ensure that the customer receives the right service timely. We also act as the medium that can bring in valuable member feedback to further improve and enhance the services.

Account Activation Services

We take every query as an opportunity to add a new member to your business. Our well trained team is capable of handling queries or call-back requests and addressing the raised concerns seamlessly. Our account activation services have proved their mettle every time.

Apart from the above services, Epicenter’s agents adopt a Six Sigma approach and have an obsession with quality. Minor metrics, Detailing and a Focus on Performance – with incentives tied to individual performance – have earned our team plaudits from clients for their excellent feats. So much so that this performance has seen Epicenter as being rated amongst the Top 2 Service providers by its clients on a consistent basis.

We can remove the burden and time spent by your sales team scrambling round for new prospects. Instead, our telemarketing team will identify potential customers, make contact, handle any objections and forward motivated prospects to your sales team.

Your sales team can then focus their time on closing deals and looking after existing customers. Conversion rates will improve dramatically and, more importantly, your revenue will increase significantly. Our Telemarketing expertise does not stop with lead generation. There are many reasons why your business may want to contact potential, new and existing customers.

Epicenter’s sales agents have the proven ability to ensure satisfaction for their clients and performance that has to be seen to be believed.

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