Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) at Epicenter

The traditional approach and cost optimization to Customer Relationship Management is morphing into a new concept of Customer Lifecycle Management. Traditional CRM systems mainly considered answering calls and dealing with customer cases or problems. Today, as organizations look to differentiate on the basis of Superior Customer Service, managing the entire customer life cycle, i.e., from the inception of the service, the creation of the service, the billing of the service, the addition of the service, and ultimately maybe even the reduction or replacement of some services has become a mammoth task. Once you hone this process, it is easier to maintain and increase your customer base with customer delight. Let’s understand Customer Lifecycle management from an outsourced business perspective.

Customer lifecycle management, in a nutshell, is about every aspect of your interaction with the end customer. Organizations today primarily focus on achieving greater operational efficiency, customer service innovations, and reduced costs. At the same time, they cannot afford to spend their team’s time fully optimizing every aspect of the product/service since the customer loyalty life span now has a short shelf life. At the same time, the organization’s business strategies in the next five years may look fundamentally different than they look today. In that case, we would want to move towards greater cost optimization, but not at the expense of agility and not at the expense of being able to introduce new products or services rapidly.

Customer Lifecycle Management begins with the customer acquisition process. Businesses have progressed from a simple cold calling to creating an Omni channel experience by using digital marketing, Account-based marketing, a segment of one marketing platform, and intent data to win over a customer using consultative selling. Brands today are trying to innovate in customer service to compete with this new era of disruptive businesses. After all, not all brands can have the wallet share of the consumer with the likes of Amazon or Google.

In Epicenter’s view, brand equity is directly proportional to the revenue, and therefore it is imperative to have a balanced approach to Customer Lifecycle Management. Even if B.A.N.T. (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) is nullified, an interest created in your product/service can still turn the lead warm. And this is a prime reason why Digital and AI have a predominant role in Customer Lifecycle Management.

Any organization would run with three different objectives,

1. Brand Awareness

2. Customer Engagements and Life Cycle Management

3. Demand Generation through AI

At Epicenter, we come with over two decades of successful operations servicing Global Customers. And since its inception, we continue to have a Long-term Relationship with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Clients. We were also one of the first Contact Centers in India to Implement Pas 99:2012 & PCI.

This article highlights how Epicenter uses our digital contact center and state-of-the-art marketing business unit to cater to our customers, from acquisition to retention to gaining customer loyalty.

Brand Awareness via Digital Marketing

Our team leads are experienced professionals in various branches of Digital Marketing, such as Online Strategy & Search, Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & App Installation Campaigns, Content Management & Social Media Marketing. We aim to make a lasting brand impression and develop profitable opportunities, maximizing ROI and revenue. Combining a customer-focused and multi-channel engagement approach with customer data and marketing analytics, we plan and create strategic marketing campaigns that are compelling and engaging.

Customer Life Cycle Management

Demand Generation

We have expertise across various industries and are proficient in getting your business from the first month of our association. Using data analytics, we profile your customer base and understand their needs to deliver a unique and personalized experience each time we speak to them. Profiling allows us to meet and exceed customer expectations and, in turn, gain their loyalty and trust. We have supported leading companies by providing them with an optimum lead funnel with a higher probability of conversion. Drawing on our extensive experience combined with an integrated approach, we offer comprehensive B2C and B2B demand generation services. Our Demand Generation tactics utilize multiple channels to ensure a continuous flow of quality leads.

Leads / Customer Acquisition

Increasing revenue through telephonic sales and order entry at minimal cancellation rates, cross-sell & upsell. Adopting a Six Sigma approach, we develop detailed process metrics to ensure a relentless focus on performance quality. And in some cases, we also take accountability for account activations.

Customer Care / Tech Support / Post-sales support

We train our agents for any Queries, Requests, and Complaints with empathy. We have expertise in retaining and delighting your end customers at a superior satisfaction level. Using data analytics, we accurately profile the target customer base and understand their needs to deliver a bespoke experience each time we speak to them. Profiling allows us to meet and exceed customer expectations and, in turn, gain their loyalty and trust.

Back Office Operations

Our teams manage thousands of non-voice transactions daily, supporting your back-office processes. Our services include Transaction Management, Credit Disputes Resolution & Verification, Email & Chat Management, Data Entry & Processing, and more for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. For large back-office volumes, some of our clients have significantly benefited from our overnight operations, ensuring that all transactions are completed before the start of your business day, thus substantially reducing the response time.

AI to enhance Customer Experience

We closely monitor and measure customer experience metrics to evaluate engagement across the customer journey. Based on the insights and feedback loops, we recommend and assist in implementing the process changes to optimize and improve our client’s services to elevate customer satisfaction consistently. Our commitment to continual improvements helps you deliver on your brand promise.

Our association with the brands has proved to be instrumental in their success with our operational excellence in CLM.

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