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Digitalization has made the retail world a cosmos. More and more companies are diving into the web pool and are reaching out to the already limited customer base. At times like this, you and your business need to be in connection with the market landscape, status, and trends. This is to ensure that you are ready to comply with the customer demands like efficient supply, global delivery, live time tracking and cost-effective products.

With our competent BPM services, we help retailers like you to carve out business strategies that can enhance your customer interactions by leaps and bounds. We help you strike a fine balance between time, quality and cost.

Customer Centric SolutionsWe have host of services to enhance your business potential and make the venture profitable:

Resolving Customer Complaints

Customers are the biggest asset for any business and hence, it is crucial to keep them happy. Our customer care executives listen to the unhappy customers and understand their concerns. With effective complaint management, grievance handling and request management; our team tackles the concerns and improves customer relations empathetically.

Technical Influence

An unhappy or hassled customer can call out for help at any given point of time; making round-the-clock services extremely essential. Epicenter’s expert IT team is equipped to set up 24/7 help desks for the business that cater to the customers through omnipresent customer centric routes (phones, email, SMS, etc.).

Online Reputation Management

Having a brand presence is vital for a business and nothing does that better than social media. Our marketing team is highly experienced in online reputation management and assists the businesses in leveraging the full potential of social media.

Technological Integration

In addition to customer care, Epicenter also offers competent tech support to businesses. With a strong technological front, we have set up L1 tech support and product support for numerous leading brands.

Customer Information Security

We understand that customer information is your most valuable asset. Hence, at Epicenter, we work hand in hand with the latest IT solutions to ensure security and confidentiality.

Sensitivity to Confidential Customer Information

Our agents interact with and handle confidential information of more than 2.1 Million customers in the US, UK and Canada monthly. We are trusted to handle Confidential and Sensitive Customer data like Credit/Debit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, Mailing addresses, Date of Birth etc.

Dedicated BPRMS Team

Our Business Process and Risk Management System team ensure adherence to all information security guidelines. Several clients & second party security audits have been conducted by major institutions like BSI, Control Case, Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, Crimson, and Symantec. We are proud to say that no Major or Minor non-conformities have been found.

If you are not taking care of your customer,
your competitor will.

BOB ‘Idea Man’ HOOEY

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