Unleash Exceptional Customer Experiences

In today’s competitive business landscape, settling for standard customer service is a missed opportunity. The status quo may be comfortable, but it seldom leads to greatness. Why confine your brand to mediocrity when you can embark on a transformative Customer Experience (CX) journey with Epicenter? Epicenter isn’t just an outsourcing partner; but a catalyst for […]

Omnichannel Customer Experience and Conversational AI

When an organization makes a human connection as opposed to a digital one, it creates an empathetic platform for building a sustainable and meaningful long-term relationship with its customers. Today, omnichannel customer service empowers customers to interact with a brand via any media channel or device. Consumers can now be found quickly switching from an […]

Delivering Superior Customer Experience

Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) at Epicenter The traditional approach and cost optimization to Customer Relationship Management is morphing into a new concept of Customer Lifecycle Management. Traditional CRM systems mainly considered answering calls and dealing with customer cases or problems. Today, as organizations look to differentiate on the basis of Superior Customer Service, managing the […]

Data-driven strategies for transforming operations and providing better customer experience

Being data-driven can help organizations improve their processes, drive better decision-making, provide better customer experience and eventually enabling improved business outcomes. Data-driven strategies use data to allow an outcome-driven collection process, and the insights are used for decision-making purposes. But many companies struggle with managing large volumes of data that they collect from various touchpoints […]

Bringing customer-centricity to back office processes

Digital transformation of processes needs an end-to-end transformation for providing a better customer experience. That is both customers facing front end processes and backend processes. It’s important that we have a seamless cross-functional process flow across the front end and back end. And for a seamless process, it’s important that we have information freely available […]

Process automation for operational efficiency and better customer experience

By introducing automation, organizations can offer a better customer experience while improving process efficiencies and productivity. To get the full benefit of automation, it’s important to look at processes end to end and often redesign them with a customer-first approach. Process automation can be for customer-facing operations or backend processes.  Examples of automation in the […]